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experimenting with different printing sizes / using greyscale instead of just b/w … what do y’all think?

  1. ananashit answered: cool :)
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  3. mdelioussina answered: Beautiful textures mmm
  4. queenofswordsinverted answered: i luv the greyscale!
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  8. berliac answered: hi G ! for ink drawings i’d stick to b/w, but that’s just my opinion.
  9. thewhitelatina answered: yes!
  10. r-rogers said: Some of your drawings’ depth is lost with such a light gray. I agree with spit house that a darker shade would make it easier to read.
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  12. thespithouse said: this grey loses the detail and makes it harder to read/appreciate (unless that’s what you want)… i would go for like a dark color (ie dark navy blue, dark orange) if you’re looking for an alternative to just black ?
  13. cristianfowlie said: I think I prefer the starkness of b&w. It highlights your beautiful linework. This is quieter, dreamier, maybe that’s what you’re going for?